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"The important thing is to not stop questioning, curiosity has its own reason for existing.​"

​- Albert Einstein

A Teacher is ordained by God to educate His children.

2nd Grade 2020 Class News

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This month in First Grade, we're going to continue reviewing some of the previous things we've already learned.

In Phonics, we'll be learning about more special sounds.

In Math, we are learning all about using a ruler and measurements.

There's some interesting things happening here at PCS!

Mrs.Linda - 1st Grade Teacher

1st Grade 2020 Class News

1st & 2nd Grade Class

Mrs.Christine - 2nd Grade Teacher

What's new for 2nd Grade?

In Math, here's a list of what we're learning:

  • How to carry in 2 digit numbers (see below example)


34 +




  • Measuring (see below example)

4 1/2 inches

  • Money - Counting Quarters

In Phonics, here's a list of what we're learning:

  • Exclamatory & Imperative sentences
  • Adding a suffix to a root word

My class is learning by leaps and bounds!

I am SO proud of them.

Awesome job 2nd Grade!!!! =)