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1st Grade is off to a great start!

In Math, we are learning the concept of addition and subtraction. We're learning writing and counting numbers 1-100, forwards AND backwards, along with learning about money.

In Phonics,

We've begun spelling tests and learning short and long vowels and sentences.

-Mrs.Penny Miller

Mrs.Penny - 1st Grade Teacher

1st Grade Class News

2nd Grade Class News


2nd Grade has had a great start this year!

We are eagerly looking forward to our field trip to The Pumpkin Patch.

The children have been doing so well in their spelling and reading.

In Phonics, we are currently learning about parts of a sentence, special sounds, rhyming words and syllables.

In Math, we are learning about:

Money, Addition, Subtraction, Place value, solid shapes, and graphics. Vertical & horizontal.  Temperatures - freezing point & boiling point. We're also learning about time, measurements (inches), counting by 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's and mixed numbers.

Everyone has adjusted well in my class and I am so proud of them. I pray everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving week with their families.

Mrs.Christine - 2nd Grade Teacher

1st & 2nd Grade Class

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