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"The important thing is to not stop questioning, curiosity has its own reason for existing.​"

​- Albert Einstein

Mrs.Linda - 1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade September 2020 Class News

Hello Parents,

The month of September brings a lot of new concepts and material for First Grade.

In Math we will be learning all about:

  • The Calendar
  • Counting by Tens
  • Speed Drills

In Phonics we will be learning many new special sounds.

In Handwriting we will continue to learn how to write in cursive, along with:

  • Appropriate pencil position
  • Appropriate letter spacing
  • Connecting letters

Looking forward to watching these kids grow and learn!

1st Grade September 2020 Class News

1st & 2nd Grade Class

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A Teacher is ordained by God to educate His children.

Hello Parents,

We are beginning to pick up the pace!

In Phonics, we are learning about:

  • 1+2 Vowel rule
  • Rhyming Words
  • Recognizing complete sentences
  • Two part sentences

In Math, we are learning about:

  • Place value
  • Add & Sub
  • Problem solving
  • Time
  • Money

We are also learning a new Memory Verse every week.

It's going to be a fun month.

Mrs.Christine - 2nd Grade Teacher